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Unleash the possibilities of your fonts by featuring them on our marketplace. Utilize the advanced features of our Contributor platform to efficiently market and promote your Dhivehi Fonts, connecting with a broad and varied audience of potential customers.

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Thank you for choosing Akuru Type as your platform for font distribution! Akuru Type stands as the premier online marketplace for Dhivehi fonts, constantly expanding our collection with new releases. As a designer, writer, or type foundry, you have the opportunity to showcase and sell your fonts under your own name through our platform, offering non-exclusive distribution.

Utilize our marketplace to sell your fonts individually, following our commission strategy. We also welcome free fonts, allowing you to provide them without any sales commission within our marketplace. Akuru Type would be getting into a service level agreement for the sale and use our market place. Whether you aim to sell your fonts for a premium price or share them for free, Akuru Type provides a space for your contributions. 

Get in touch with us today to discover more about how you can join us and contribute to the vibrant world of Dhivehi fonts, offering your creations to a wider audience.

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