About Us

Welcome to Akuru Type, your premier online marketplace for Dhivehi Fonts. Our typefaces go beyond mere visual appeal; they stand as a tribute to the distinctive and enchanting nature of the Maldivian (Dhivehi) language.
Akuru Type is more than just a marketplace; it's a curated collection of Dhivehi fonts sourced from talented designers, writers, esteemed type foundries, and creative brands. Beyond serving practical purposes, these fonts actively contribute to the promotion and preservation of the rich linguistic heritage of the Maldives. Our contributors have meticulously crafted each font, aiming to elevate the aesthetic charm of written Dhivehi. Every character reflects the cultural nuances and innate beauty embedded in the language.

Dive into our diverse array of fonts, each one narrating a tale of tradition, innovation, and the lively spirit of the Maldives. Join us in honoring the essence of the Dhivehi language through the captivating artistry of typography at the Dhivehi Font Marketplace - "Akuru Type."

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